Mariya Hosi yeDenga Guild in South Africa

Background and Establishment:

ZimCatholicSA Mariya Hosi yeDenga Guild is a group of women who strive to follow the example of Mary the mother of God. Mariya Hosi yeDenga guild by virtue has both men and women but here in SA it is only women following. Most men are not aware of this and we are going to drive the guild to get men on board. We aim to bring together faithful women and men closer to God through the intercession of our mother Mary whom we strive to follow her footsteps. Mother Mary is pointing us to Jesus. We therefore have this saying here in South Africa…”To Jesus Through Mary”.

It started as a small gathering of all guilds St Anne, Sacred Heart of Jesus guild and Mariya Hosi yedenga with a small handful of members for each guild. This was in 2010. As more and more people became aware of this the group gathering started to grow, to a point where it was found that each guild was able to hold separate meetings. This was in 2013 when Mariya Hosi yedenga was established to stand as a guild and a leadership was put in place.

More new members came to join in the guild. Meetings were held once a month at Cathedral of The Sacred Heart, Pretoria. People came from all over Gauteng province, including areas like Midrand, Kempton Park; Roosettenville, Florida, Johannesburg, Yeoville, Cosmo City, Edenvale, Germiston to mention but a few.


The objectives of the Guild to fit us into these virtues shall be:

  • To follow the footsteps of Mary, our Patron
  • To assist each member to be pure or holy and live their lives according to the Word of God
  • To spread the word of God by living exemplary lives and work for the church and protect it
  • To do charity works, helping and praying for the sick, visit the hospitals and jails so as to bring hope to our brothers and sisters who have been incarcerated
  • To make monthly contributions which will be considered for increase every financial year end. The contributions will be used to assist our members and community financially when the need arises
  • To have monthly meetings every second and last Sunday of every month where we share the word of God and share works of mercy
  • To fund all the campaigns in a hope of recruiting new member for the Guild
  • Above all to be humble and respectful to each other, be good listeners and to find understanding where there is none

How we are fulfilling these objectives:

  1. Mariya Hosi yeDenga members here is South Africa do works of mercy. Every year we hold two charity events one in the beginning and one towards the end of year
  2. Visiting the sick at homes and in hospitals
  3. Attending and paying condolences to bereaved families
  4. Contributing to the church to support the religious we have around us, eg recognising their birthdays, anniversaries and honouring day
    of the religious together with other fellow parishners as Mariya Hosi yeDenga
  5. Organising and attending retreats, recollections and congresses to deepen our faith

The Virtues of Mary that we strive to live and follow..

In our endeavours we strive to exhibit and understand the four virtues followed by Mary Queen of Heaven namely; Simplicity, Silence, Solitude, Surrender and teach every member to be able to say “FIAT”, a word used by Mary meaning “Let it be done unto me according to Thy will”. To

add to her virtues is “Purity”. Infact here are Mother Mary’s 10 virtues we strive to imitate. We follow the full Constitution in the (Archdiocese of Harare, Zvita Zvavakuru Zvevatenderi).

  1. Ardent Charity: Letting her love for God be the driving force behind every decision.
  2. Profound Humility: Knowing who she is before God, nothing more and nothing less
  3. Universal Mortification: Seeking to lay down her life and her will at every moment
  4. Constant Mental Prayer: Always being aware of God’s presence
  5. Blind Obedience: Following God’s call without counting the cost
  6. Divine Wisdom: Always begging for God’s Spirit to guide her
  7. Surpassing Purity: Having a heart immaculately clean and unstained by sin
  8. Angelic Sweetness: Radiating joy and peace to everyone she encountered
  9. Lively Faith: Constantly seeking God’s will and never settling for complacency
  10. Heroic Patience: Always trusting that God was on the move; having more faith in His plans than her own