ST ANNE GUILD in South Africa

Background and Establishment:

We are over 200 members comprising of initiates (vayedzwa) and full members from all centres within the Chaplaincy. The executive committee consists of the following:

What we are known for:-

  • We are known for being the biggest guild in the Chaplaincy and being very passionate about our guild and everything we do
  • We strive to live true to our motto and our values of Better hearts, Better Homes and Better Fields, Progress in Christ
  • Gogos and gogo lets (as we are affectionately known) are known for being very generous and faithful givers
  • We support each other’s businesses through our group for WOMEN IN BUSINESS where members advertise and get recommendations for their businesses (Better Fields)
  • We support each other through prayer (Better hearts)
  • We have a vibrant Dandaro raMbuya Anna group where various social issues are discussed each week and every centre has a chance to lead (Better Homes)
  • We support each other during difficult times, during bereavements and illnesses
  • We have an edition of our own Newsletter, The Flame Lily, that is compiled and edited by our members
  • We take pride in being the founders of “Friends of Benedict Daswa” in the ZimCatholicSA community. We arrange the Daswa pilgrimage every year and continue to support the R5 for R5 initiative.
  • We also support gogo Daswa with food and other parcels whenever we visit her

As Women of St Anne, we are identified by our uniforms:-

  1. Full members – Brown skirt, cream top, cream had and scapular carrying the St Anne Medal.Initiates (Vaedzwa/Amathwasa) – Brown wrap over skirt, yellow t-shirt, brown doek or brown pencil skirt, brown waistcoat and cream shirt and doek.Meaning and significance of the colours on our uniform

    BROWN: Represents maturity

    CREAM: Represents dust – from dust we came, to dust we shall return

    • The brown skirt has 6 panels each panel representing the 6 continents of the world as St Anne can be found in all continents. The skirt also has a zip on the side to remind us to only talk constructively and not to hurt others
    • The cream top has 5 buttons representing the 5 wounds of Jesus Christ
    • The fold on the cuff of the sleeve represents humility
    • The top has long sleeves to show dignity
    • The Hat has 6 panels as well as a round edging representing the crown of thorns that Jesus carried for us. The hat shows that we are taking up the crown of thorns for our families, the parish, the guild and the community at large

Saint Anne Medal

Our uniform is not complete without our St Anne medal. When we wear our Saint Anne medal, we are praying and asking for her intercession, for the strength and courage to be loving Christian mothers and grandmothers.

We ask St Anne to intercede for us so that we may have wisdom to make the right choices in raising our families and in the community at large. When we look at the medal of Saint Anne, we are reminded of what a Christian mother should be. The medal is universal, wherever you find Women of St Anne, the medal is the same.

Our members are encouraged to use the scapular and not chains for the medal as chains are mainly for the religious.

  1. National Flower of Zimbabwe (national emblem) just like the protea in RSA
  2. Because of its progressive character and tendencies (progress in Christ) it grows whenever or wherever even under difficult and unlikely conditions
  3. In good soil and sunshine it grows and progresses beautifully
  4. Amongst trees and rocky soil or ground it still progresses, winding on trees
  5. Its colour is fiery (red and orange) just like tongues of fire. The Holy Spirit descending upon the Apostles at Pentecost

St Anne Badge Characteristics of “The Flame Lily”