About Our Chaplain

Date of Birth: 09 July, 1965 Parents: Anthony and Julia Nyathi (5th born of 11 children; 6 boys and five girls)

1972 – 1980 Primary School Education at Empandeni, Plumtree

1991 – 1984 Secondary Education at St. Bernard’s High School, Pumula, Bulawayo

1985 – 1987 Diploma in Philosophy at Chishawasha Regional Seminary

1988 – 1990 Diploma in Theology at Chishawasha Regional Seminary

1988 – 1991 BA Hons. Degree In Religious Studies at the University of Zimbabwe

1992 – 1995 Pastoral work in Gwanda, Certificate in Religious Broadcasting, Bulawayo

1996 – 1998 Pastoral work at St Adolph Ludigo, Magwegwe, Bulawayo

1996 – 1998 Rector at St Bernard’s, Minor Seminary, Pumula, Bulawayo

1997 – 1998 Teaching History, Bible Knowledge & Religious Education at St Bernard’s High School, Pumula, Bulawayo

1998 – 2000 Licenciate at St Thomas Aquinnas Pontifical University, Rome, Italy

2000 – 2001 Certificate in Social Communications at the Gregorian Pontifical University, Rome, Italy

2000 – 2002 Doctorate in Spiritual Theology at St Thomas Aquinnas Pontifical University, Rome, Italy.

2003 – 2002 Spiritual Director and Lecturer at Chishawasha Regional Seminary, Harare, Zimbabwe

2005 Graduate Diploma in Education, University of Zimbabwe

2009 Sabbatical with St John Vianney Seminary, Pretoria, RSA Teaching Spiritual Theology

2010 Rector at St Bernards’s Minor Seminary, Pumula, Bulawayo, Teaching Divinity and Religious Studies at St Bernard’s High School, Pumula, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

2010 Spiritual Father & Lecturer, St John Vianney Seminary, Pretoria

2016 to Date Chaplain of the Zimbabwean Community in South Africa

Other Responsibilities Over the Years

Bulawayo Diocese – Vocations Director, Consulter, Spiritual Director for Youth, Dean for SOWETO Deanery, Spiritual Director for Music and Composers, Retreat-Giver.


Challenges to Fatherhood (published by Ilizwi publications in Plumtree, also published in 2013 by fast printing publishers in London, UK)

What But Life and Taste and See (published by ShieldCrest publication, London, UK, 2012)

The Inculturated way of the Cross, (Blessed Hope Publishing, Germany, 2013)

Our Way of the Cross and Indlela Yesiphambano, (Mambo Press Gweru, 2011)

Poet; Contributor to Anthologies; (some of my poems are on current ‘O’ Level Syllabus in Zimbabwe

– Giya Mthwakazi

– Imisebe Yelanga

– Ziqhenye Ngolwakho



The Former Chaplain

( Rev.Fr Lewis Tsuro (OP)