Zim Gauteng Catholic Welfare Committee is a committee that has been formed by the Zim Gauteng Catholic Executive Committee to deal with the social and welfare issues of this community. The Welfare Committee is therefore an arm of the Zim Catholic Gauteng Executive Committee. The committee is mandated to discharge its duties by the Executive Committee and reports to the same committee for all its operations.

Zim Gauteng Catholic Welfare Committee provides an extensive range of community services. These include Care for the Religious of its community and the disadvantaged. The disadvantaged, refers to the aged, disadvantaged children, the widowed, disabled, the sick, the bereaved, the spiritually ill and afflicted.

The vision is to build a community that reflects and supports the dignity, equality and participation of all people. We strive to promote a fairer society which gives preferential assistance to those who are disadvantaged and those in need for the greater glory of God. Mathew 25: 35-40.


Mandate Of The Welfare

The Welfare organ is champions the social and welfare issues of this community and its scope of work is guided by three key pillars illustrated below:

Care For The Religious

The religious refers to the community’s Priests, nuns, brothers and seminarians. Here we provide their material and spiritual needs. It is our duty and God-given mandate to look after our shepherds. Our priests, for example, are confronted by workload, burnout, loneliness, excessive administrative demands, amongst other problems, it is our duty to pray for them and help them to follow their vocation faithfully and to work enthusiastically and lovingly in the Lord’s vineyard. The care for the religious is underscored in the apostolic letter concerning mass stipends as denoted by Paul V1. Essentially, “It is a long established tradition in the church that the faithful desiring in a religious and ecclesial spirit to participate more intimately in the Eucharist Sacrifice add to it a form of sacrifice of their own by which they contribute in a particular way to the needs of the church and especially the sustenance of its ministers. This is in accord with the spirit of the Lord’s saying: The Lord is worth of his hire which the Apostole Paul recalls in the first letter of Timothy (5:18) and the first letter of Corinthians (9: 7-14)1.

Care For The Community

The Welfare Committee spearheads activities geared to bring the community together. It is the mandate of the Welfare Committee to promote social activities that would help to heal our community and make the community grow spiritually for example, visiting the sick, the bereaved, attending weddings etc.


In our community we have the disadvantaged children (orphans or abused), the sick, the widowed, those in jail, the destitute and spiritually ill and afflicted. All of these people require the community’s collective help and prayers. Matthew 25: 35-40.